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America starts pulling out its troops from Afghanistan

The final phase of America’s withdrawal of the last US and NATO troops began on Saturday.  

May 1 is the official date where USA begins the withdrawal of its remaining forces from Afghanistan.
According to the reports the American military has been deciding what will be shipped back to the US from the inventory, what will be handed to the Afghan security forces and what will be sold as junk in Afghanistan’s markets.

According to the Costs of War project at Brown University, Washington has spent approximately $2 trillion in Afghanistan over the last two decades.

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The US and its NATO allies went to Afghanistan together in 2001 to hunt Al-Qaeda perpetrators responsible for 9/11 attack living under the protection of Taliban rulers. Two months later, the Taliban was defeated and Osama bin Laden was on the run.

President Biden said the mission was accomplished a decade ago when U.S. Navy SEALS killed Laden in his hideout in Pakistan.

Until now the Taliban has not promised US and NATO that they won’t attack troops while they are pulling out.

Taliban accuse USA of breaching the deal it had signed more than a year ago. The deal said that the American military will pull out its troops by May 1.

According to cost of war project, Afghans paid the highest price since 2001 having 47,245 civilians massacred and millions displaced or fled to Pakistan, Iran and Europe.

If no deal is chequered then Afghanistan’s security forces will be under extreme pressure from the Taliban after the last of troop withdrawal.

The last year was the only year when the US troops did not suffer a loss. According to The Defense Department of USA 2,442 US troops are killed and 20,666 wounded since 2001 and an estimate of 3,800 U.S. private security contractors have been killed. The conflict killed 1,144 personnel from NATO countries.

The Taliban currently at their strongest since 2001 and are believed to hold control over nearly half of Afghanistan.

Taliban Spokesperson Shaheen said “We are telling the departing Americans … you fought a meaningless war and paid a cost for that and we also offered huge sacrifices for our liberation and added that If you … open a new chapter of helping Afghans in reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country, the Afghans will appreciate that.”

In Kabul and throughout the country, there is fear that chaos will unleash after the departure of the last foreign troops.



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