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Book Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Ever wondered how often do you come across the word “habit” every day and how significantly do habits affect our lives? We are somewhere the products of our habits, whether good or bad, they have a great impact on us as human beings who can make a huge difference just by making consistent and tiny changes in them. Since habits are such an important part of our lives, imagine how effortless and smooth would they be if we pay even the slightest attention to what habits are, how they are formed, and what all transformations could they lead to if strategized carefully! And this is just a glimpse of what all you’ll learn after you read this comprehensive guide to cultivating good habits and breaking the bad ones.

Atomic Habits is a marvellous self-improvement & productivity book that will change your outlook about habits and their contribution to making our lives easier and better. The book revolves around how tiny habits add up over time and lead to enormous changes, help in the accomplishment of said goals, and magnifying success. On an individual and personal level, it will act as a manual in tracking improvements and therefore, the overall progress. 


  • The author has used vivid and detailed examples to reflect the relevance of the points.
  • Even though the book is thorough and in-depth, the content is concise and crisp and the language is simple to comprehend.
  • This book is not just about building good habits but also about designing an environment that will help you stick to these habits in the long run.
  • Different innovative concepts such as the 1% rule, Habit Stacking, etc. have been highlighted to elucidate the implementations that have to be made for the achievement of objectives.
  • The author has wonderfully emphasized the importance of working on systems (processes) rather than goals. Goals are not the problem. Systems help in the attainment of goals; hence we need to focus on the improvement of systems to obtain better results. 
  • In addition to providing frameworks needed to make improvements, this book will also help you in the employment of those frameworks in practical life.
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It is in fact very difficult to summarise this book. There is a lot of information to absorb and each page adds value to your life. Although the chapters are easy to understand and the author has provided a synopsis after each chapter, the book would require more than one read. This would make things clearer for you each time and you’ll be able to retain them for much longer and thus, apply them to your own life fruitfully. Highlighting the important points and taking notes would also assist you in grasping the lessons. So, if you want to delve deeper into the world of habits and are willing to bring meaningful changes in your life but don’t know where to start, this book highly recommended!



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