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Book Review: Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Ask yourself, how often do you feel overwhelmed because of social media and the internet? Even now, as you are reading this article, your phone is constantly ringing up with countless notifications, isn’t it? And no matter how much all this exasperates you, you just can’t stop the urge to check your phone over and over again! Well, you are not the only one ! 

 Notes on a Nervous Planet came out as an incredible self-help publication by Matt Haig as a follow-up to his memoir – Reasons to Stay Alive, which received quite an admiration and positive attention from the readers. The title of the book in itself says a great deal. The book revolves around several issues that we, owing to the rapid pace of the modern world, come across every day. Discussing various topics, the author’s center of attention is the fact that constant technological, communal, and societal development within the world that surrounds us affects our mental peace and overall well-being. Haig himself being afflicted with anxiety comments on the dynamics that play havoc with our mental health. He also provides some eye-opening facts and shreds of evidence by sharing his own experiences and observations about life. Besides this, throughout the book, he also keeps dispensing advice as well as reminds us about the good things around us that are worth noticing. “In writing this book I have tried to look at the human psychological cost of the world by looking at the only psychology I truly know—my own,” he writes. “I have written about how we as individuals can try to stay sane within a maddening world. The fact that I have had a mental illness, though a nightmare, in reality, has educated me on the various triggers and torments of the modern world.” Hence, this book is fundamentally a guide to surviving the 21st Century.


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Haig remarkably highlights the problems that people face in today’s world which is social-media-driven to an extent where it has crippled all human senses. The way people are trying so hard to maintain an entirely distinct image of their own is indeed an alarm to contemplate deeper and alter perspectives. He also talks about the mental as well emotional impacts caused due to absorbing toxic and enervating news events. This, in addition to our growing addiction to social media and smartphones often make a mess of our sleeping habits and established routine. He argues that this disorder isn’t just individual, it is global. And the panacea he offers is to welcome the best of what present-day lifestyle has to bring to the table and endeavour to discover balance instead of letting ourselves be overpowered by the mounting demands of such a lot of social and innovative boosts.

This book consists of short and simple chapters, that are concisely written and therefore, are utterly captivating and engaging. The reader would find most of what is written relatable. Although the book hops from one subject to another, the author dives profoundly into each one. Some chapters are particularly stimulating and interesting to read. So, this book is a must-read, especially for those who need comfort in this chaotic world and reassurance that they are not alone.



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