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Book Review: THE GOLDFINCH By Donna Tartt

Books are said to be a person’s best companion, they are always there for you, there with you, no matter what. Sometimes you relate with the characters, sometimes with the plot, and at times, even with an author’s raw thoughts. It is beyond amazing to experience this. However, certain books are capable of affecting you in ways that you never knew existed. You carry them in your heart, and you don’t even realize when they take up a permanent space there. It just… happens.

 The Goldfinch is certainly one of those books. It takes you through a journey that is beautiful but at the same time, unusually painful. Through this book, you live so many lives, visit various places and experience several emotions all at once.

What is the book about?

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The story revolves around a boy named Theodore who loses his mother when on the verge of puberty, his father long absent, and how his life dislocates in every way possible after the misfortune. The book brilliantly depicts his growing attachment to the exquisite work of art, which keeps him anchored to the memory of his last words with his mother and the dramatic turn of events comprising a vast cast of characters, some of who have a tremendous and far-reaching effect on his life.

Tartt has so subtly talked about various themes through the plot, which involves childhood trauma, addiction, good vs evil, friendship, and love. And most importantly, it has conveyed to the readers the value of art and beauty. The novel portrays how art revitalizes human lives in the face of overwhelming odds and misery. Although life is fleeting, painful, and vile, art is indestructible and enduring, and its influence is unmatched. The Goldfinch is a work of art and elegance in and of itself. Any more details about the events of the book will deprive the reader of the pleasure of being immersed in a narrative.

Why should you read it?

This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster and leaves you flabbergasted. It is a slow read, but definitely worth the time. The storyline changes gears often, but the reader remains fully immersed in the writing. The battle between good and evil keeps the reader engrossed in the book. The complexity of the characters makes it all the worthier of analyzing them and their influence on other characters’ lives. One of the most significant highlights of the story is the celebration of the importance of friendship.

 If you are a person who has lost their appreciation for storytelling, The Goldfinch would most certainly rekindle it. Once you have finished the book, it feels like losing a friend, a friend that you shared a few of the best moments of your life with : )



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