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Delhi Transport department issues advisory to phase out old petrol and diesel vehicles

The state government has been advised by the National Green Tribunal to deregister any such vehicles that flout the norms in the NCR and get them scrapped.

The transport department of the Delhi government on Monday advised people on phasing out diesel vehicles older than 10 years and petrol vehicles older than 15 years and get them scrapped at authorised centres. 

The department issued a public notice, advising owners of such vehicles not to take them out on the city’s roads and clarified that although registration certificates of all types of vehicles are valid for 15 years, a diesel vehicle cannot ply beyond 10 years in Delhi.

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“Owners of over 10-year-old diesel and 15-year-old petrol vehicles are advised not to ply these vehicles on the roads in Delhi/NCR and further advised to get such end of life vehicles scrapped through authorised scrappers of the transport department, the list of which is available at the website of the department,” said the notice.

However, no-objection certificates will be issued to diesel vehicles aged between 10 -15 years old for re-registration in certain states. “NOC can be obtained for diesel vehicles beyond 10 years but less than 15 years for states which have conveyed their concurrence for registration of such diesel vehicles,” stated the Transport Department notice.

End-of-life vehicles in Delhi, including two-wheelers, numbers around 37 lakh out of over one crore registered vehicles. Many of these ply on the roads causing pollution.

This advisory has come citing orders from the Supreme Court (Mehta vs Union of India) and the National Green Tribunal Order of April 7, 2015.

The Delhi Transport notice cited a Supreme Court order that directs that the people violating it’s orders will run the risk of their end-of-life diesel and petrol vehicles getting impounded.

The Delhi transport Department scrappage policy is different from the centre’s draft. Under the Centre’s policy, vehicles are classified into commercial and personal categories which provides fitness test after 20 years for personal vehicles while commercial vehicles require it after the completion of 15 years unlike Delhi where classification is done based on type of fuel. 

Due to the hazardous levels of air pollution in March, the Union ministry of road transport and highways (MoRTH) released the first draft of the national vehicle scrappage scheme, which stated that a private vehicle over 20 years old will have to compulsorily undergo fitness and emission tests, failing which it will be considered as an end-of-life vehicle and scrapped.

The rules are also going to be applied for the residents of Noida, Ghaziabad and other parts of the NCR. Stating, even if a diesel vehicle’s  RC has validity of 15 years and has passed all sort of fitness test, it still won’t be able to ply in Delhi and NCR that includes Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and other cities.



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