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Desperate Afghan Women Throw Babies Over Wired Fence Near Kabul Airport to escape Taliban

Amidst chaos at Kabul, Troops from inside the Kabul international airport have narrated horrific stories of how desperate Afghan women threw their babies over the barbed wire, asking the soldiers to take them.

Afghan women in Kabul, in a bid to save their children from Taliban, were said to have thrown their babies over barbed wire barriers near the Hamid Karzai International Airport towards British soldiers, according to a report by Sky News quoting a senior British armed forces officer.

Narrating horrific scenes at the scene, a British soldier told Sky News, “It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking the soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire.”

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A video from the airport showed a woman crying to the troops, “Help us, the Taliban are coming.” He said that the airport was filled with screams and noises from the massive crowd.

The officer expressed concern for his men in Kabul, he said, ” Everyone cried last night.” As per the reports, civilians trying to escape Afghanistan are being harassed by Taliban fighters. Reports also said that a former interpreter for the Australian Army was shot in the leg on Wednesday by a Taliban gunman while he was trying to board Australia’s military evacuation flight.

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, chaotic scenes have unfolded at the Kabul airport. At least 12 people have reportedly died at the airport as Afghans flee the Taliban’s rule. In a horrific video from the Kabul airport, two people were seen falling from a US Air Force C-17 that was mid-air. A separate video showed desperate Afghans clinging to a plane as it took off.

The British soldiers are positioned near the Kabul airport to carry out the evacuations. The Taliban are also trying to stop the people who are making attempts to reach the spot where the British are posted. The report also claimed that the Taliban sometimes fire guns into the air just to make people stop.

As the Taliban move towards legitimate governance, the civilians are dreading what their future will hold for them. The former president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani fled the country when the Taliban captured Kabul on Sunday, August 15.

The country observed its independence day on August 19 and had many civilians protesting on the streets. Many Afghan women were seen wearing the Afghan flag and sloganeering on the megaphone. The videos that surfaced from the protest sites also show the Taliban fighters watching them from a distance.

The filmmaker Jordan Bryon who posted the footage from the protests in Kabul said that one Taliban fighter was about to shoot a protestor but he was stopped by another fighter who held his guns. As per several media reports, many people were shot by Taliban fighters during the August 19 protest and more people died in the stampede.

There have been chaotic scenes since the weekend, when the Taliban drove unopposed into the capital after a two-week lightning offensive that capped a simmering 20-year insurgency.