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Electric Scooter ‘HOPE’ launched by IIT Delhi Startup, claims Running Cost worth 20 paise/Km

Geliose Mobility, a startup established by IIT Delhi has developed an Electric Scooter ‘HOPE’. The Running Cost of this Electric scooter is claimed to be only 20 paise per kilometre, making it the most affordable scooter in the Indian market.

Petrol price hikes have compelled the automotive purchasers to search for electric alternatives to attain better overall value. The two-wheeler ‘HOPE’ is an economical vehicle which could be used for delivery and commuting and can touch speed of upto 25 km per hour. This confirms that it falls in the exemption category and there is no need of a driving license or registration for driving it on the road.


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The vehicle comes alongwith a strong and lightweight Frame constructed for ultra-modern usage. The scooter’s structure and lean design enables it to travel through heavy traffic routes. Also, this frame holds a portable lithium-ion battery (exactly below the rider’s seat) which could be easily charged at homes using the portable charger that comes alongwith it. The battery comes in two capacity ranges- 50 km and 75 km for customers to select as per their choice. The battery requires a total of 4 hours to get fully charged up.

In case the battery dies out, the E-Scooter is provided with a pedal system (which is somewhat similar to TVS Luna) that could be utilized to commute.

There is a modular tray at the rear end which could be used to carry goods and can be interchanged (depending upon the type of goods it is carrying). Further, an additional seat can be added at the rear end if needed.

Modern technologies such as battery management and data-monitoring systems, and pedal-assist units are being provided in this vehicle. Also, it is IoT enabled (which is used to inform riders about their scooters using data analytics), said IIT Delhi. If someone has multiple HOPE scooters, he/she can track their status and movement in real-time.

Further, it consists of reverse-mode which would offer convenience in parking; this would aid parking of scooters even in difficult places.

All of these advanced features make ‘HOPE’ one of the smartest and connected scooters of future.

The E-commerce, food, grocery, essentials and other delivery items could be easily delivered using this vehicle. In order to fulfill these requirements, the Geliose Mobility is teaming up with several delivery organizations and logistics.

Companies would establish various hubs for maintenance and charging of scooters on the frequent routes of delivery partners. Also, they will provide contingency services for instance, roadside battery swapping and roadside assistance in emergency situations.

“We are going through an era of increasing pollution and climate change every day, and there is a need for sustained efforts in all the industries, especially in the field of automobiles. We started Geliose Mobility three years ago. ‘HOPE’ is our flagship step in the effort to build the vehicle ecosystem,” said Aditya Tiwari, the Founder and CEO of Geliose Mobility.

He further added, “The starting price of ‘HOPE’ is Rs 46,999, which makes it the most affordable Internet connected scooter in the market.” 

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