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Emergency meeting in UNSC for Afghanistan as Taliban ready to declare victory

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres repeatedly condemned the violence against Afghan civilians, is expected to speak at the emergency meeting.

An emergency meeting was called by the UNSC to discuss the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover. This is the second meeting under India at the UNSC. The General Secretary of the UN Antonio Guterres, who condemned the violence time and again inside Afghanistan, is expected to speak at the emergency meeting which is scheduled for 10 am local time in New York, following which Estonia and Norway have requested their urgent session. 

The UN has maintained aid and services inside Afghanistan since the very early days of the invasion by US that began almost two decades ago. It is unclear as to how the Taliban would be regarded by the UN if they declare themselves a legitimate power in place. The UK has refused to work with the Taliban if they declare themselves in power. The UN has approximately 190 countries to its mandate and most of it has condemned the brutality and forced occupation by the Taliban of Afghanistan. 

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President Ghani and his close associates have left the country once the Taliban hemmed Kabul. The Taliban captured Kabul and seized the abandoned presidential place and called it a moment when the long running wars end. People rushed to the airports to flee the violence which might be unleashed inside Afghanistan by the Taliban. Several countries sent airplanes to evacuate their diplomats and people from Afghanistan. The residents near the airport said they have heard gunfires sporadically but there has been no information that has been received in the loss of life by firing so far. 

Chaos was seen on the roads that lead to heavy traffic and some of the visuals were there on the social media sites too. 

The UN had earlier said there were no plans to evacuate any staff members from Afghanistan where the organisation had provided aid and maintained operations since the USA landed there. The United Nations employs roughly 3,000 employees who are Afghan and about 720 international staff members in Afghanistan, but roughly half of the international staff have been working outside the country since the pandemic started last year.

On Friday it was clear that the city was collapsing as the Taliban fighters were walking into city after city while the UN general secretary said the country was “spinning outta control.” 

The Taliban have pledged not to interfere in UN aid operations. But in July, a UN office in the western city of Herat was attacked and a local security official was killed. The main UN mission, based in Kabul, is known as the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, or UNAMA, and was established in 2002 to help create a government following the American-led invasion.