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Greek media reports possible integration of Indian missiles on Hellenic Air Force aircraft

According to Greek media house Pentapostagma, Athens is likely to evaluate Indian origin missiles to fulfil its defence needs, including integration of BrahMos Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) on recently acquired Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft.

The news surfaced after a recent meeting between foreign ministers of India and Greece in Athens, where issues of common interests were discussed. This included military level cooperation between the two states in the form of joint training programmes.

According to the report, Greece may be looking to integrate made-in-India missiles on various air defence platforms. These likely include Astra air-to-air missile, Akash surface-to-air missile and highly famed BrahMos long-range supersonic cruise missile. Interestingly, the BrahMos missile might be integrated into the Rafale fleet, which will be received from France under the deal signed in January 2021.

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While there is no official statement regarding the issue, this is speculated on the basis of growing friendly relations between Athens and New Delhi in recent years, especially due to their territorial disputes with neighbouring countries- Turkey and Pakistan respectively. Incidentally, both Pakistan and Turkey are allies with close political and military ties and an Indo-Greek alliance seems a valid option to counter the rival alliance.

While Indian missiles are available for sale to foreign forces, it is still unconfirmed whether any offer was made by India to Greece or Greece sent a proposal or Request for Information (RFI). However, it is possible that Greece, in future, procures systems like Akash SAM or BrahMos anti-ship missiles to replace its ageing air defence systems to match modern warfare scenarios against Turkey.

Ankara and Athens are frequently engaged in “cold” conflicts over the Mediterranean and are politically hostile on the issue of rights on continental shelves, maritime rights, and air space in the region. The Air Forces of both the countries are often engaged in pseudo-dogfights, intercepting and instructing each other to retreat. While these dogfights never resulted in a full-fledged engagement and the incidents were diplomatically solved, both parties still continue to assert their claims.

With a new boost with systems like Dassault Rafale and BrahMos, Greece hopes to secure an edge over the adversary and hold a superior stance against a variety of Turkish threats.

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