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Gun Lovers, Have You Seen an AK-ed-Enfield?

While trodding around the images of firearms in use around the world, most of us always expect something rare and stupefying from the famous gun markets of Pakistan and Afghanistan. And today, we’ve got one more treat for your eyes.

You could’ve seen an Enfield-ed-AK, but have you seen an AK-ed-Enfield?

Confused? I want you to focus on this picture of a recently captured arms cache by the Indian state & border police forces in Punjab state, allegedly smuggled by Pakistani operatives from across the border:

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The firearm of our particular interest lies on the extreme left, which, from the first glance at the stock looks like an Enfield and gradually ‘changing’ its characteristics as it goes towards the ‘gas block’ and the muzzle.

If you’ve ever been into identifying weapons, I know what you’d be feeling. Yes, this is another piece of Pakistani ‘craftsmanship’, being an SMLE 7.62x39mm conversion having an AK barrel with chamber included.

Interestingly, even the stock isn’t that of the SMLE, which can be easily identified with the different and textured grip. The only parts in this firearm resembling the Enfield is the action, the magazine, and the trigger assembly.

The barrel used is probably a regular 7.62mm one, with an AK front sight, contrary to popular opinion of it being the AK or SKS barrel. While it appears tilted, it is almost straight to the bolt action. Meanwhile that gas tube appears to be a “faux” gas system- seeing the action. It is probably hand made/deliberately attached and put there for aesthetic reasons.

Overall, it is an intriguing handmade SMLE copy using different stock, along with AK front and rear sight block, and faux handmade gas system. 

These new interesting variations of firearms always make us realise that the world of small arms is never outdated- and making a ‘gun’ is actually the principle of launching a projectile as fast as it can, not about having a black furniture and fancy optic and front grip- however that does indeed facilitate the tacticool need.



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