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India Aborts ‘Nirbhay’ Missile Test After 8 Minutes Of Flight

Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on Monday aborted the “Nirbhay” cruise missile test after encountering a glitch during flight. The missile managed to stay airborne for 8 minutes before it crashed into the Bay of Bengal.

“The missile was fired at 10.30 am from the testing facility,” said an official from the government while interacting with media. “But the missile developed a snag and the trial was aborted 8 minutes later,” he added.

However, the details of the snag are not yet clear. It is reported that the scientists involved in the development programme of Nirbhay are carrying out analysis to fix the issue. Notably, it was also reported earlier that today’s test would be carried out with a new indigenous engine named “Manik”.

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This is the 10th missile test carried out by India within 35 days. The organisation has already made a schedule for more tests in the coming months. All these tests are considered as an attempt to fast track development of systems amid standoff with China. Significant number of missiles including Nirbhay are already deployed along Line of Actual Control (LAC) to counter Chinese missile placements.

Nirbhay is a subsonic missile system developed to engage targets within a range of approximately 1000 kilometers. With Mach 0.8 and terrain hugging capability, it can manage to evade radar systems to a great extent while maintaining the precise course with the Inertial Navigation System (INS) along with the GPS/NAVIC system.

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