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India Carries Out Two Missile Tests In A Single Day

In a single day, the Indian armed forces have carried out two missile fire tests with complete accuracy

Earlier today, the Indian Navy fired the Russian made Kh-35 ‘Uran’ Anti-Ship missile (AShM) from INS Kora, a guided missile corvette belonging to the indigenously designed Kora class. The test was conducted somewhere in the Arabian Sea, when the missile was fired against a derelict ship, a decommissioned Karwar Class minesweeper. The test was a complete success, which was proven by the images released by the Indian Navy, which showed plumes of smoke rising from the target. The Kora class was designed by Garden Reach Shipyard, Kolkata and outfitted at Mazagaon docks, Goa. Even being a smaller missile corvette compared to other ships in the Indian Navy, the vessel packs a hard punch with 16 of its Kh-35 Uran missiles.

Miles away towards the east, the Indian Air Force also carried out a separate missile test of its own. Taking off from an airbase in Punjab, a Sukhoi Su-30MKI fired the air-launched BrahMos cruise missile against a Naval target. The aircraft took off from an airbase in Punjab, refueled mid-air and struck a target 4,000 kilometers away. The test was a success, as stated by the service. This is the 3rd test of the BrahMos missile in the past 2 months. Earlier, the ship launched version was fired from INS Chennai.

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In both cases however, the ordnance fired is Russian (with the BrahMos being a joint venture between Russia and India). The Kh-35 (NATO reporting AS-20 “Kayak”) is an anti ship cruise missile, developed by the then erstwhile Soviet Union and now Russia. The missile is made to strike vessels which have a displacement of 5000 tonnes. It can be launched from both air and seaborne platforms, making it the Russian equivalent to the Harpoon missile. The BrahMos, on the other hand is a supersonic cruise missile, which can be fired from the triad, which means from land, air as well as sea. It is a strategic weapon, and has a greater yield.

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