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India, France, Japan back Indo-Pacific vision for free and open seas against Chinese aggression

India, Japan and France are planning for a new trilateral alliance to safeguard a free and open Indo-Pacific and to ensure stability in the region amid the growing Chinese aggressive policies that have made several countries anxious.

An India-France-Japan workshop was prearranged by thinktank ORF (Observer Research Foundation) on January 19, 2021 on the Indo-Pacific. The workshop aimed at sightseeing new opportunities for trilateral collaboration in the framework of maritime security and digital connectivity. 

Our Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla while commencing the workshop said, “India, France and Japan are leading stakeholders in the region and with other like-minded countries, it is upon us to ensure that the Indo-Pacific remains peaceful and open, taking into account needs and concerns of all its inhabitants.”

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French ambassador Emmanuel Lenain in the workshop said, “We are building piece by piece a strategic triangle between Paris, Tokyo and New Delhi committed to a rules based Indo-Pacific order. We should now explore synergies among us.”

Satoshi Suzuki, the ambassador who was representing Japan said, “India is the indispensable partner in Japan’s endeavor to achieve our vision.  A free and open Indo-Pacific is a natural shared goal for the two Asian maritime powers: Japan in the Pacific and India in the Indian Ocean.”

Shringla on describing the significance of Indo-Pacific for India said that it is the, “vast maritime space stretching from the western coast of North America to the eastern shores of Africa.” He added that India’s role becomes crucial as it was the net security provider in the region, as in peacekeeping and anti-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Aden.

He added, “Sharing what we can, in terms of equipment, training and exercises, we have built ties with partner countries across the region. To cite some examples, we are active in networks like the Quad, with India, the US, Japan and Australia as participants, and the India-Japan-US, India-France-Australia and India-Indonesia-Australia trilateral arrangements offer cases in point.”

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