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Indian Navy undertakes another joint exercise, this time with UAE

As the Indian Navy is expanding its readiness and interoperability with friendly navies, the force recently undertook a bilateral exercise, this time with the navy of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The exercise, which happened on Saturday 7th of August 2021, took place off the coast of Abu Dhabi. 

The Spokesperson of the Indian Navy on Sunday tweeted regarding exercise “Zayed Talwar 2021” , saying that a plethora of drills were conducted which included executing tactical manoeuvres, over the horizon targeting, electronic warfare and search and rescue (SAR) situations. 

The exercise saw participation of INS Kochi, along with two Westland Sea King Mk.42B choppers which were deployed in the Persian Gulf, from the Indian side. The Navy of UAE was represented by UAES Al-Dhafra, a Baynunah class guided missile corvette along with an AS-565B Panther helicopter. 

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The Indian Navy has been undertaking drills constantly, as the threats from its northern neighbour still haven’t subsided. Recently ships of the Indian Navy undertook a drill with HMS Queen Elisabeth on her maiden voyage, as she was expected to enter into South China Sea; amidst constant ‘warnings’ from Beijing. 



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