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Macron loses parliamentary majority, seeks ‘compromise’

After Sunday’s vote count, the President, Emmanuel Macron’s coalition, Ensemble, won the elections comfortably with 245 seats but would not be able to exercise a majority in the French Parliament.

French President Emmanuel Macron won the majority in the National Assembly, on Sunday. Macron’s Renaissance party and its allies gained 245 members in the 577-seat  parliament. This gives him the most seats in France’s lower house, but not enough to maintain the majority that enabled the French president to steamroll the opposition throughout his first term. This comes after he was re-elected as the President of France for a second term in the month of April. 

The coalition formed by Jean-Luc Melenchon’s party New Ecologic and Social People’s  Union gained 131 seats after forming an alliance with French socialists, and communists.  Marine Le Pen’s far-right national Rally received 89 seats, while Les Republicains and their allies received 64. 

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The voter turnout was 46 percent, which was low by historical standards in France but better than the 42.6 percent recorded in the second round of the 2017 Parliamentary election. This result highlights the fact that rise in food costs and Gasoline costs played a huge role in decreasing the vote share for Renaissance Party.

How did this situation arise in the French Parliamentary System? 

France follows a semi-presidential system which basically means, there are 2 power centers in the country, The Presidency and The Parliament. Now, Macron won the presidency again in the month of April but to govern seamlessly, he needed the majority in the French Parliament as well. The results, which were announced today, show that Emmanuel Macron’s coalition won 245 seats out of a total of 577. However, the majority mark is 289  

which means Renaissance Party is short by 44 seats. This is a rare scenario in French Politics as every President has had Parliamentary majority in the last 20 years. 

Why did Macron fail? 

Emmanuel Macron’s support base experienced a major setback in the last 5 years pertaining to his poor handling of COVID-19 situation and his inability to provide for pension reforms.  

His second tenure began with allegations of sexual harassment against one of his ministers. Also, the energy and charisma of 2017 campaign was missing. There were no big-ticket speeches, no smiling posters, and advertisements.

by Jagrat Saxena

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