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#UPDATED: Mass Shooting Reported In New York: 2 Dead, Dozen Wounded

In another incident of mass-shooting in New York on midnight of Friday, 18th September, 2 people have been initially declared dead while 16 others have sustained gunshot injuries. 

The incident happened in Rochester, at around 00:30 when emergency responders received 911 calls from an area near Godman Street and Pensylvania Avenue.

Initial reports point towards 8-12 people receiving gunshot wounds with 2 fatalities- who were declared dead at the scene. The deaths include that of one man and one woman both between the ages of 18 and 22, while others injured are said to be in a stable condition. However, exact number of victims is yet to be confirmed.

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A tweet from the Rochester Police Department said: “Major Crimes is on the scene of a mass shooting on Pennsylvania Ave. @ there are fatalities.”

Interim Police Chief Mark Simmons said first responders found a “chaotic scene” with multiple victims. “It appears to be some type of backyard party that the police department, up until the point the 911 calls came in for the shots fired, was not aware of,” he said, reported BNO news.

Simmons also commented that “This is yet another tragedy where individuals are having these illegal, unsanctioned house parties taking place in these properties, which, number one, is not safe because of COVID, because of the conditions. And then you add in alcohol and violence and it just becomes a recipe for disaster.”

People who witnessed the shooting remarked that it sounded like “the vietnam war,” reported ABC news. The status of the shooter or shooters is currently unknown.

Further details awaited.

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