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NASA Study: By 2030 Corn Production to Decline by 24%

NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in collaboration with IIASA ( International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) published a study in the journal ‘ Nature Food’. 

The study reveals surprising results. According to it, Climate Change will lead to a decline of 24% in Corn Production and an increase of 17% in wheat yields by 2030.

The lead author of the study, Jonas Jaegermeyr talked of the effects of Global warming on Agricultural production. “Even under optimistic climate change scenarios, where societies enact ambitious efforts to limit global temperature rise, global agriculture is facing a new climate reality…And with the interconnectedness of the global food system, impacts in even one region’s breadbasket will be felt worldwide”, he said.

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The erratic rainfall, increase in greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and rising temperature as per researchers would make corn growth a challenge. 

The anticipated decrease in production is knocking the doors ahead of time Bloomberg reported.

The results of the study are much of concern. Corn, like soybeans and rice, is a staple in global livestock regions like the Americas, West Africa and China. 

The rise in wheat production comes as wheat growing areas will witness a warmer climate in future, as per the report. These includes, Northern United States, Canada, the plains of north China, Central Asia and others.

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