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Federal Elections Might Bring Political Uncertainty For Germany

On Sunday, Germany conducted it’s federal election. As per early official results, Social Democratic Party (SPD) won 25.9% of votes, while Ms. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was narrowly defeated, as it secured 24.1% of votes.

The results paved the way for Olaf Schloz, the Chancellor candidate of SPD to form a coalition government. While the Conservatives may head for their worst post war score.

Mr. Laschet, of CDU- CSU bloc who is jostling for Ms. Merkel’s job was initially popular among masses but his popularity began to wane by a series of blunders committed by him. While, ratings of Mr. Scholz begin to rise.

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While the race for power still continues, Lars Klingbeil, General Secretary of SPD claimed that his party “clearly has the mandate to govern.”

CDU Secretary Paul Ziemiak lamented, “losses are bitter compared to the last election in 2017 when the CDU-CSU grabbed up 33%.”

Mr. Laschet is still determined on forming a government as he says that “We would do everything we can to build a government led by union.”

Sunday’s epochal elections brought an end to a 16 years long term in power of Ms. Merkel, pushing Germany from a state of stability into a new period of political uncertainty.

The SPD, Germany’s oldest party which was polling so badly just a few months ago, now runs for a race of government formation.

Mr. Scholz, former mayor of Hamburg, may become the first SPD chancellor since Gerhard Schroeder, who lost to Ms. Merkel in 2005.

The other option is a “grand coalition” of the Union and Social Democrats that has run Germany for 12 of Merkel’s 16 years in power. This may not be possible as Mr. Laschet’s statement indicates, “Everyone thinks that … this ‘grand coalition’ isn’t promising for the future, regardless of who is No. 1 and No. 2, we need a real new beginning.”

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