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Russia adds Navalny’s Office Network to ‘Terrorist and Extremist’ list

Russia’s financial monitoring agency on Friday said that it has added jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s political network of regional campaign offices to the database of terrorist and extremist organizations. 

Alexi Navalny is President Vladimir Putin’s fierce political rival who is currently serving a 2-½ year jail sentence due to violating parole on an earlier embezzlement conviction that he says was politically motivated.

Allies of Navalny said that they were disbanding the network under the threat of getting banned by the authorities. 

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A Moscow court is also considering whether to declare Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) as “extremist”. 

If approved, it would give authorities the power to jail activists and freeze bank accounts. 

What is Navalny’s network of offices ? 

In his campaign to run against Russian President Vladimir Putin, Navalny set up his network of offices in dozens of regions across Russia. 

Even after being barred from running, the offices remained, and Navalny’s FKB has continued its investigation graft support from these offices.

“Naked King” 

Meanwhile, Navalny on Thursday accused the Putin-led government of turning “Russians into slave” and called the President “naked King”. 

He said, “I want to say, my dear judge, that your king is naked, and it’s not just one boy yelling about it, millions of people are yelling about it…Twenty years of his fruitless rule have led to this result: a crown falling from his ears, lies on television, we’ve wasted trillions of roubles, and our country continues to slide into poverty”.

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