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University Placement Stories 2k21: Finding The Golden Ratio Between Academics and Experience

Being mainly focused on geopolitics, many of our readers might be surprised over this article. It is based on popular requests- and here TFV brings you another special series where we will reveal true success stories of young achievers for youth to follow.

I am an over-excited balloon who gets amused whenever I see any new learning opportunity or experience. Hailing from a family where discussion around bureaucrats was a routine, I grew up with a desire to join the civil services right after college. With the goal in mind, I always took academics seriously- going the extra mile. As a result, I could gain entry into one of the most prestigious colleges in the country- St. Stephen’s College- notorious for its high cut-offs.

However, college was a very charming and enlightening experience for me. The people I met, the professors that taught me and the exposure I experience re-shaped my opinions and beliefs. I could look beyond bureaucracy as a career. Over a course of time, I decided to first try my hand in the corporate world and then maybe, if I wish, try for civil services.

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The most challenging hurdle I faced was the competition among my peers. It was January 2021 and by then most of the people who were going to sit for placements already had internships and positions of responsibilities on their resume. And here was I, with a resume that was only adorned by CGPA and academics. After some brainstorming, I devised a strategy on how to utilise the next 6 months to prepare my resume. To brush up on my knowledge, I enrolled in various Investment Banking and Finance-related courses. Following some initial rejections, I got selected for 3 internships and I pursued all three simultaneously, learning along the way. Also, I applied to many youth and student organisations for positions of responsibility and gladly quite some offered me the same.

With this, my resume was a bit prepared and gropingly applied to every company that came for the placement season. However, the competition got better of me and I did not get shortlisted for the first few firms that came to campus. I re-worked my resume, groped in ideas from my seniors and applied to my favourite industry- Investment Banking (company- Nomura). Not only did I get shortlisted but also cleared the final interview in one go to receive the offer for joining the firm in the Investment Banking Division.

Well, my journey has not been a very comfortable and glorious one. I have had my own shares of rejections and moments of agony where everything seemed to blur. There were moments when my anxiety got better of me and I did not know how to comfort myself. But eventually, I think, it was all worth it in the end. It made me realise that nothing is really impossible, it is all about the right strategy and the optimum amount of determination. I am hopeful my experiences will give me the strength to emerge out of any tough situation that I encounter later in my professional life.

(P.S. – Due to my anxiety, I also wrote the GMAT Exam to apply abroad for Masters and scored 710)

My name is Gauri Sharma and this is my story.

The author is currently a 3rd-year student in St. Stephens College, University of Delhi and has secured placement in Nomura, one of the premier global financial services groups with a network spanning over 30 countries.

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