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World’s two biggest carbon emitters, China and U.S. pledge to combat climate change

U.S and China concurred with other nations over working together towards handling the abrupt climatic changes and escalating global warming. 

The decision came after several talks amid Chinese climate envoy Xie Zhenhua and his US counterpart John Kerry in Shanghai the previous week.

On Sunday, the State Department and China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment released a joint statement which said, the world’s two biggest carbon-emitters are “committed to cooperating with each other and with other countries” to handle climatic changes.

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Both the nations concurred with the implementation of certain actions to cut down emissions. This would decarbonize power and industry, such as green hydrogen, carbon capture, energy storage, further accelerating utilisation of renewable sources of energy, addressing emissions from international aviations and bringing down emissions from oil, coal and gas, added the statement.

It further said, the U.S. and China are “to tackle the climate crisis, which must be addressed with the seriousness and urgency that it demands.”

The senior climate adviser for environmental group Greenpeace, Li Shuo defined the statement as ‘positive’. He stated, “It sends a very unequivocal message that on this particular issue (China and the United States) will co-operate. Before the meetings in Shanghai this was not a message that we could assume .”

This week US President Joe Biden is all set to address this issue to the world leaders in a virtual climate summit. He hopes to push countries over reducing emissions and regulating global warming to 1.5 degrees Centigrades above preindustrial levels. 
Chinese President Xi Jinping has been invited to this summit. Although, he hasn’t accepted the invitation publicly, but his participation seems likely following this agreement with the US. 

On Sunday, Mr. Kerry held negotiations with South Korean officials in Seoul. He stated, “It’s very important for us to try to keep those other things away, because climate is a life-or-death issue in so many different parts of the world.”

He added, “What we need to do is prove we can actually get together, sit down and work on some things constructively.”

Two nations over climatic change:

China is the largest carbon producer and US, the second largest carbon emitter in the world. The recent negotiations between the two were also concerned towards boosting finance for developing nations to switch low-carbon and renewable energy sources. 

While he campaigned presidential elections in 2020, US President Joe Biden had pledged to attain net-zero emissions until 2050. The US rejoined the Paris Climate Accord of 2015 (a global pact to curb emissions) under the leadership of Biden. In 2017, his predecessor Donald Trump had withdrawn from the agreement.

Kerry conformed this by stating, “Unfortunately, the U.S. became a renegade in the last four years under the non-leadership of President Trump,” further adding, “but we are now back and present with a very aggressive series of initiates in order to try to make up for lost time.”

Despite the escalating tensions amid the two nations over the treatment of Uighur community, Hong Kong and the future of Taiwan, they have pledged to provide cooperation in combating the climatic issues. 

The US is expected to announce certain ambitious targets to curb emissions either during its virtual summit or before it. 

It would also boost ambitious targets for several nations to combat these global climatic issues, said Kerry. 

In 2020, China had declared that before 2030 it aims to reach the height of emissions and reduce them to zero until 2060, however, it needs to work more on it, suggest experts. 

Kerry said, “We recognise China is essential to resolving this crisis.”

The strategic make-up and cooperation of both the nations to minimise emissions and attain carbon neutality in order to free this world from global warming and fluctuating temperatures, would definitely strengthen this worldwide initiative and also if all the nations cooperate towards ending these climatic issues.

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