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Worst Outbreak In China, Beijing Under Lockdown Again

On Sunday, China reported 3400 Covid-19 cases out of which 1807 were symptomatic cases. While a lions’ share of the world has come back to its normal life, Shanghai is witnessing its worst outbreak in 2 years. These Covid cases have been reported in around 19 provinces across the country.

Shanghai went into immediate lockdown and the authorities imposed restrictions as the cases rose. 

Local health authorities have attributed these cases mainly to the ‘Omicron’ variant. The variant is more transmissible but causes less serious symptoms than the original Covid-19 virus. The country is witnessing the highest number of cases over 2 years. 

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Amid the outbreak, the city has imposed new travel and other restrictions. The southern tech hub of Shenzhen told all the people to stay at home.

On Saturday the cases nearly tripled from the previous day. The cases include both Omicron and Delta variants. 

The Jilin city of northeast China has been partially locked down, according to an official announcement on Sunday. The city reported the highest number of cases (1,412). Yanji, an urban area of nearly 700,000 bordering North Korea, was also fully put under lockdown. Authorities have also imposed local restrictions on schools, restaurants, malls and other public places to mitigate the spread of the virus.

China is using the Rapid Antigen Test to diagnose the virus. Neighboring Hong Kong’s situation has also deteriorated. Authorities confirmed 27,647 new Covid-19 cases and 87 deaths in Hong Kong on Sunday.

Companies including Apple suppliers Foxconn and Unimicron Technology Corp suspended their functioning in the southern part of the city. China did not report any new deaths and the toll remained at 4,636.

Shenzhen health official Lin Hancheng said at a briefing,  “If prevention and control is not strengthened in a timely and decisive manner, it could easily become large-scale community transmission”.

People cannot leave or enter China without a negative test done in the past 48 hours. Country’s National Health Commission announced on Friday that it would make rapid antigen tests available for people to buy online or from clinics for “self-testing”. Currently, nucleic acid tests are being used as the main method of testing.